Tips for a Less Stressful Vacation

By | Jul 1, 2010

Schedule the vacation during a slow period
Nearly everyone has a period during the year when they are less busy. By scheduling a vacation during this period, the time away will be less stressful and more relaxing. For some it may even be possible to schedule a vacation and then arrange the work around it. A good time to take a vacation is after the completion of a large project and before starting a new one.

Let people know
Keeping your vacation secret may actually cause more stress during the vacation, or upon your return. Let clients know you you’ll be gone. Change the Voice Mail message and place an automatic reply on email to tell those trying to contact you that you are away and when you’ll be back and able to respond to their concern.

Delegate a contact person
Along with the letting people know you are away, let them know whom they can contact in your absence. Give that contact person enough information that they won’t be able to assist. While you know there may be emergencies that you will need to attend when you return, you’d want to keep them to a minimum,

Plan a contact schedule
Maybe you can’t go on vacation and completely sever ties with the office. If this is the case schedule a time when you will be contacting the office. Maybe you have a usual staff meeting for 20 minutes each morning at 9 for 20 minutes. Keep this schedule and use voice conferencing to call the office for updates and recommendations.

If you take your blackberry or computer with you on the vacation and are constantly checking messages and responding to them, you aren’t on vacation. You are simply working at a vacation spot. To really enjoy the vacation you may have to turn off and unplug these devices.

Plan some time for yourself
At times a vacation may be more stressful then being at work. You may be rushing trying to see many sights in a short period of time. Maybe it’s a family vacation and you are being pulled in many direction. It’s good to schedule some time for yourself during the vacation so you can simply get away from it all.


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