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By | Jun 2, 2010

It was on June 1960 that John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Stu Sutcliffe and Tommy Moore performed for the first time under the name The Beatles. Actually it was the Silver Beetles. They dropped the Silver and changed the second “e” to an “a” a couple of months later.

Thomas (Tommy) Moore played drums for the group only a short period of time. May and June of 1960. He was replaced by Pete Best, who would remain with the group for the next two years and was replaced shortly after they signed their first recording contract. George Martin felt a stronger drummer was needed for the recordings. Whether this was part of the reason he was replaced is unknown, but he was replaced by Ringo Starr shortly later.

Stuart (Stu) Sutcliffe was the original bassist of the five-member Beatles playing with them in Hamburg in the Fall and winter of 1960 and into 1961. When the group returned to Liverpool he stayed behind. His first love was painting and not music and he decided to work in that direction. Sutcliffe would die on April 10, 1962 of cerebral paralysis, after bleeding in the right ventricle of his brain. He never saw his friends become famous.

Ringo Starr may have been the official drummer, but on the Beatles first released single Love Me Do. Andy White played drums on that song as well as the B-side P.S., I Love You. While not an official member of any group White was considered one of the busiest drummers of the 60s and 70s working with acts such as including Chuck Berry, Billy Fury, Herman’s Hermits and Tom Jones.

In the early 1960s English Rocker Tony Sheridan would employ a number of backing bands to perform with him. The Beatles was one of these band and in 1961 recorded a number of songs. They were first released under the name Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers and then released later as Tony Sheridan and the Beatles.

Other than Tony Sheridan only one other person was credited on a record with the Beatles. Billy Preston was invited to work with the Beatles while they were recording the sessions that would become the Let It Be album. He performed on the infamous rooftop concert playing piano. His piano work is featured in the single release of Get Back credited to the Beatles with Billy Preston.


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