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By | May 28, 2010

Motel 6
Motel 6 was founded in 1960 in Santa Barbara, California by building contractors, William Becker and Paul Greene. Their plan was to build motels that could offer rooms a a bargain price. After calculating the all cost it was decided that a room would have a nightly cost of $6, hence the company name.

Cincinnati’s Public Radio Station 90.9 WGUC
90.9 WGUC was founded in 1960 by a group of citizens who wanted a radio station devoted to cultural and public affairs programming. WGUC was one of the first stations in the nation to meet the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s qualification standards; a charter member of National Public Radio; and a founder of American Public Radio (now Public Radio International).

Domino’s Pizza
The beginnings of Domino’s Pizza began in 1960 brothers Tom and James Monaghan purchased a small pizza store in Ypsilanti for a down payment of $75 and a loan of $500. Eight months later, James traded his half of the business to Tom for a used Volkswagen Beetle. In 1965 Tom renamed the business Domino’s Pizza, Inc. with the first franchise store opening in 1967.

American Football League
1960 was the first season for the newly formed American Football League. The team in that in that inaugural season were teams from Dallas Texans (later Kansas City Chiefs), New York Titans (Jets), Houston Oilers (Now the Tennessee Titans), Denver Broncos, Los Angeles Chargers (San Diego), Buffalo Bills, Boston Patriots (New England) and Oakland Raiders.

The Temptations
The beginning of the group that would be the dominate soul group out of Motown in the 1960’s could see 1960 as their beginning. It was that year that Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin, Elbridge “Al” Bryant, Eddie Kendricks, and Paul Williams (members of two rival groups the Primes and the Distants) came together to audition for Berry Gordy of Motown. At the time they were using the name The Elgins. The group would be renamed the Temptations a year later when it was learned that there already was a group using the name the Elgins.

Erin Brockovich
Born on June 22, 1960 Erin Brockovich came to fame when she was instrumental in constructing a case against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) of California in 1993 dealing with contaminated water.


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