Saying Thanks at a Conference

By | Apr 6, 2010

Many of us will be part of a meeting, training session or a conference during the rest of the year and beyond. Here are 6 people or group of people you should consider when saying Thanks.

Those behind the scenes
There are many people involved and some of them may not even be in attendance. It’s always nice to acknowledge their work, even if it doesn’t directly come to them.

Yes, it’s true that when holding a meeting or a conference at a meeting facility they are getting paid for their property and/or services. But again all like to be thanks. Those who do the cooking and serving especially appreciate that extra bit of acknowledgment.

Conference Committee
I have been a part of conference committees and I can tell you the best reward is when someone comes to you and gives their thanks and appreciation.

In many cases the conference or event may not even be held if not for the Sponsors. Giving thanks to them can consist of a number of things, including visiting their booths, their stores or Web page.

Speakers and Presenters
Depending on the meeting or conference the speakers and presenters are main event. They love to hear from those in attendance after they speak.

Thank yourself and those around you. The attendees are the most important part.


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