National Telecommunicator’s Week

By | Apr 5, 2010

Each year, the second week of April is dedicated to the men and women who serve as Telecommunications Officers. In October 1991 Congress made a Formal Proclamation to recognize this week as National Telecommunicator’s Week.

Those who perform telecommunications duties serve as an indispensable link between the officers and the public, as well as a vital support services in the Public Safety community. The communications operators who provide radio, telephone and computer services are to be commended for their dedication and professionalism. Too often the importance of telecommunications personnel goes unrecognized and their services are taken for granted.

At times they are treated as glorified office clerks. This is a big mistake and a far cry from the job that they perform. It takes a lot of training to be a Telecommunicator and not something that comes easy. They work hours when others are asleep and during holidays. Many are on a schedule that are far from the usual, including those of their own families.

They are the first point of contact with the public’s plea for assistance. While one call may be just a request with a simple answer, the next call may be the most extreme emergency anyone could face. On every call they have to be prepared for the unexpected and at times the unimaginable.

It takes a special type of person to remain calm when speaking to a screaming mother whose child is hurt, or when a Police Officer or Fire Fighter is calling for assistance or when someone that they know is on the other end of the emergency call.

If you happen to see a Communications Officer let them know that they are appreciated for the job they do for your community. Having worked among them for over 20 years, I understand their unique capabilities. Not everyone can do the job that they do each day.

I offer my thanks and gratitude that they are there to answer the call.

They truly are The First Responder.

4/8/2012 – 4/14/2012 ****National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week*******


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