The Louisiana Purchase

By | Apr 30, 2010

President Thomas Jefferson was unsure whether the United States Constitution gave him the right to negotiate with a foreign government for the purchase of territorial rights in the area west of the 1803 United States. In fact he was under the impression that it didn’t, but he did understand the value of the Port of […]

Who is Koo Stark

By | Apr 26, 2010

Every movie has scenes that are shot, but never make it to the final product. There are times when fans of the movie knows about the scenes, sometimes they even have seen the original script, and may even have a clear picture in their mind on what the scene and the characters look like. The […]

Columbia Student Protests

By | Apr 23, 2010

The 1960’s was a time for protest. Most of the protests were against the undeclared War that the United States was fighting in Vietnam. Many things came from these protest including political protest songs, the Summer of Love and the first crusade to save the environment. Many of the protester were college students with college […]

They Lived at the Same Time – 1492

By | Apr 21, 2010

Christopher Columbus. Everyone knows that Columbus was alive in 1492, it was in this year that he set sail across the Atlantic and landed on what soon would be called America. He lived from 1451 to 1506 Leonardo Da Vinci. In 1492 Da Vinci was living in Milan and produced his Vitruvian Man, his study […]


By | Apr 20, 2010

One of the terms that many seem to be seeing in personal ads and even sometimes a a text code is 420. Today it is generally used to signify illegal drug use or more specifically the use of marijuana. But where did the term come from. According to it started to be used by […]

Partriots’ Day

By | Apr 19, 2010

April 19, 1775 has been determined to be the first battle of the American Revolution. It was on that day that the Battles of Lexington and Concord, near Boston were fought. The first shots were fired shortly after first light. This day is observed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the State of Maine, which […]

About the Los Angeles Dodgers

By | Apr 17, 2010

During the early days of baseball the New York district of Brooklyn was home to many ball clubs. Even though Brooklyn had fielded strong teams prior to 1869 the team they fielded in the National Association of Professional Baseball that formed in 1871 were weak. When the National League granted their eight territories to eight […]

Goldwyn Pictures

By | Apr 16, 2010

It was in 1916 that Samuel Goldfish in partnership with Broadway producers Edgar and Archibald Selwyn formed Goldwyn Pictures Corporation. The name came from a combination their names using Gold from Goldfish and Wyn from Selwyn. Shortly afterward Samuel Goldfish seeing an opportunity had his name legally changed to Samuel Goldwyn. Nearly a year later […]

The Maryland State House

By | Apr 13, 2010

The 2010 Maryland Legislature finished their 2010 session around Midnight of Monday April 12th. The State House dates to 1772 and is the oldest state capitol in continuous legislative use. Along with the meeting place for the State Senate and Delegates the Governor has his offices there. One of the outstanding features of the State […]

Those Who Make Us Who We Are

By | Apr 8, 2010

Life is filled with those who shape us. Some may know that they are shaping you by their actions. Such as a teacher or business mentor. Part of what they are trying to do in their attempt to succeed is to help you improve yourself. But sometimes the most important ones are those who are […]

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