Flowers – Myth or Fact

By | Mar 16, 2010

The leaves of a Poinsettia are poisonous.

Myth. There has never been a death that has been proven to have occurred due to ingestion of the leaves or any other part of the flower. The myth began in 1919 when the child of an army officers died and the poinsettia was thought to have been the cause. A study bu the Ohio State University fed high doses of ground poinsettia leaves to rats with no side effects to the rats.

Eating poppy seeds can cause a false positive in a drug test.

Fact: The poppy seeds on your favorite bagel or bread comes from a similar type of poppy seeds as the opium poppies, the raw material of drugs such as heroin and morphine.

The Texas bluebonnet, the State flower of Texas, can not be picked legally in Texas.

Myth: As long as you have permission of the owner of the property to pick the flower there isn’t a law making it illegal to pick. However that is not true for all state’s and their state flowers. In Minnesota it is illegal to pick the pink-and-white lady’s slipper.

Tulips are native to Netherlands (Holland).

Myth: The origin of the tulip is believed to have been in Asia with their introduction to Europe being in the 16th Century.

The Daisy were at one time called ‘Day’s Eye’.

Fact: Since the daisy will close at night and open during the day, it was originally called a ‘Day’s Eye’, with over time the pronunciation being contracted to the current daisy.

Flowers in a Hospital room will consume all of the oxygen in the room.

Myth: Over the course of a 24 hour period flowers can actually give off 10 times more oxygen than they consume. More oxygen is actually used by visitors than flowers.


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