A Rock on Ice

By | Feb 19, 2010

The Winter Olympics in Vancouver have been going on for nearly a week. While some have been watching the skating or the ski events, one of the games that I find interesting is the game of curling. It’s not a game that is a young’s person game with strength and stamina. It’s a game of the mind that science is a factor. Some have even called it chess on ice.

The game is considered to be first placed, and therefore invented, in Scotland. The earliest form of the game was played in the early 1500s. A old curling stone is thought to be from 1511.

The game came to North America with the Scottish Immigrants. The first North American Curling Club was the Royal Montreal Curling Club formed in 1807. America’s first club was the Orchard Lake Curling Club in Michigan that founded in 1832. Curling was in North American before the creation of Baseball, Basketball and American Football.

The game is played on a rectangle sheet of ice with two teams of four take turns sliding heavy, polished granite stones down the ice towards the target or the house. Sweepers with brooms accompany each rock to help direct the stones to their resting place.

Curling was a demonstration sport in the Olympics the first two years of the winter games. It didn’t return to the Olympics until 1992 again as a demonstration. In 1994 it again was a demonstration sport but beginning in 1998.

It is a very popular game in Canada where there are more curlers than in any other country.


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