Presidential Births

By | Feb 15, 2010

President’s Day is celebrated in the United States on the 3rd Monday in February. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, two men considered to be great presidents, was born in this month. Each at one time had the anniversary of their births celebrated as a national holiday before those two holidays were combined into one. They are not the only Presidents who celebrated their birthday in February. Ronald Reagan, February 6, and William Harrison, February 9, were born in this month.

With four presidential births one may think that February could be the month with the most.  It is not. That honor goes to October, which has six. Jimmy Carter – October 1, Rutherford Hayes – October 4, Chester Arthur – October 14, Theodore Roosevelt – October 27 and John Adams – October 30.

Along with February the months of January, March, April and July has had 4 President born in them. November has had 4 different days with Presidential births with November 2nd being the only day in the year in which two Presidents were born.  This gives November 5 Presidential birth, the month with the second most.

July 4th, the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence is also the anniversary of the birth of Calvin Coolidge.

When George W. Bush took office in 2001, every one of the months could claim a birth of a President. He was born on June 12. The only other month with one Presidential birth is September with William Taft’s being on September 15.

Barack Obama’s birthday is on the 4th of August. August joins November as second with the most presidents born in this month with a total of 5. The others are Benjamin Harrison August 20, 1833, Herbert Hoover August 10, 1874, Lyndon B. Johnson August 27, 1908 and Bill Clinton August 19, 1946.


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