Facts about the Super Bowl

By | Feb 5, 2010

1)    The original name of the game was the AFL-NFL World Championship Game.  The Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt coined the term Super Bowl. Hunt only meant his suggested name to be a stopgap until a better one could be found.  None has been found.

2)    The ticket price for the 1st Super Bowl which was played at Los Angeles’ 100,000-seat Memorial Coliseum was $12. The price for a ticket at Super Bowl XLI is $600-700.  The first game was not a sell out and those living in Los Angeles were not able to see it televised.  The first game was also televised on 2 of the 3 major television networks (NBC & CBS).

3)    The first four Super Bowls were played between the Champions of the NFL and the rival league AFL.  Each of the leagues won 2 of the games, with the NFL’s Green Bay Packers winning the first 2.  The first AFL Super Bowl champion was the New York Jets lead by Joe Namath, who beat the heavy favorite Baltimore Colts.  The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl IV.

4)    The only Super Bowl MVP that played for the losing team was Dallas’s linebacker Chuck Howley in Super Bowl V against the Baltimore Colts. The Cowboys also have the only dual MVP in Super Bowl XII when Randy White and Harvey Martin were named MVP. ½ of the MVPs have been the winning team Quarterback.

5)    The Pittsburg Steelers has won the most Super Bowls with 6. San Francisco and Dallas Cowboys have each team winning 5.  Of these San Francisco is the only one not to have lost one.

6)    Minnesota, Buffalo and Denver have lost the most Super Bowls at 4 times. Buffalo reached the Super Bowl 4 years in a row, losing all 4 times.  Of these teams only Denver have won a Super Bowl winning Super Bowl  XXXII and XXXIII.


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