By | Feb 28, 2010

The final episode of the television series M*A*S*H first aired on CBS on Monday, February 28, 1983. It was a 1 1/2 hour episode and was the 16th one of its 11th Season. It was the 251st episode and the only one that was not originally broadcast as a 30 minute episode. The show was […]

Remembering A Science Fiction Master

By | Feb 25, 2010

Unless you were a Science Fiction fan in the 1960s and 70s, you may not know the name Philip Jose Farmer. But during this period he was one of the genre’s best. Farmer passed away on February 25, 2009, a month after his 91st birthday. Phillip Jose Farmer was born in Terre Haute, Indiana on […]

From Julian to Gregorian

By | Feb 24, 2010

By the middle of the 16th century the Calendar used by the Christian Religious leaders was off. The Julian Calendar designed and adopted during the reign of Julius Ceasar in 45 BC was off by 10 to few days. This was causing confusion on when Easter as adopted by the First Council of Nicaea in […]

The Rings of Color

By | Feb 20, 2010

Ever wonder why there are five rings, each of a different color on w white background in the Olympic Flag? Pierre baron de Coubertin, who was the Olympic Committee President form 1896 to 1925 said upon its introduction that the five rings represented each of the five “the five parts of the world won over […]

A Rock on Ice

By | Feb 19, 2010

The Winter Olympics in Vancouver have been going on for nearly a week. While some have been watching the skating or the ski events, one of the games that I find interesting is the game of curling. It’s not a game that is a young’s person game with strength and stamina. It’s a game of […]

Game Show Host Bill Cullen

By | Feb 18, 2010

William Lawrence Cullen was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on February 18th, 1920. His eyesight was poor causing him to wear thick glasses, which would become his trademark. Cullen’s broadcasting career began in his hometown of Pittsburgh. He worked at WWSW radio beginning as a frequent, though unpaid guest on an overnight program called 1500 Club […]

She May Have Acted Dumb

By | Feb 17, 2010

Paris Hilton was born on February 17, 1981. Her father is Richard Hilton. Her mother is former actress Kathy Richards. She is an heir in the Hilton Hotel fortune. At 19, she signed with Donald Trump’s modeling agency, T Management and has worked with modeling agencies such as Ford Models Management, Models 1 Agency, Nous […]

Presidential Births

By | Feb 15, 2010

President’s Day is celebrated in the United States on the 3rd Monday in February. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, two men considered to be great presidents, was born in this month. Each at one time had the anniversary of their births celebrated as a national holiday before those two holidays were combined into one. They […]

Heavy Metal is Born

By | Feb 13, 2010

It was on Friday the 13th, February 1970 that the album that many consider the first Heavy Metal album was released. It was released in the United Kingdom. The debut album of a band from Birmingham England. The band and the album shared the name Black Sabbath. The album had seven tracks. Five were original […]

Peter Cooper

By | Feb 12, 2010

Many people may not know the name Peter Cooper, but nearly everyone knows of the things that he did during his life. Peter Cooper was active as a businessman and inventor during the first half of the 19th Century. He was born on February 12, 1791. And received patent, 4048, for a powered gelatin. We […]

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