40 Years Gone

By | Jan 25, 2010

Here we are coming to the close of the first month of 2010 and for some odd reason I just realized that the 1960s are now all 40 years gone. To some the 1960s was a golden age, to others it’s little more than history. To me it was my childhood.

But it was only part of my childhood since I was just 11 when the decade of the 1960s ended and the 1970s began. As many of those who have been reading 6 Things to Consider know, the 1970s or The Seventies, is my decade. It was the decade in which I graduated from High School, Kent County High Class of 1976, as well the decade in which I turned 13, then 16, then 18 and 21.

To me the decade of the 1970s is a great part of my history. And that’s the reason I written many things about the seventies. It is the only decade that I have listed as a category on this site.

The seventies began with hope. We had just recently reached the moon. But it changed quickly. Four killed at Kent State. A Vice-President would resign in disgrace. As would the President. The mid 1970s saw an energy crisis and by the end of the decade Americans would be held captive in Iran.

We tried to change the world by saving the environment. Here it is 40 years later and we are still trying to save the environment. Maybe this time we will succeed.

2010 starts with hope as well. Hope that the economy will continue to improve. Hope that those out of jobs will find them. Hope that we will survive.


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