Burns and Allen

By | Jan 21, 2010

George Burns and Gracie Allen began in Vaudeville in the 1920s. They first met in 1922, but didn’t marry until 1927.

At first it was George Burns who was the comic, but after having Gracie’s straight lines get more laughs, he became the straight man to her.

From Vaudeville they did radio. After a few years of being on radio shows of others, Eddie Cantor, Rudy Vallee’s The Fleischmann’s Yeast Hour and The Guy Lombardo Show on September 19, 1932. It was first called The Adventures of Gracie then The Burns and Allen Show in 1936.

Until 1942 the show was just comedy patter. In 1942 it turned into a sitcom format. They were radio stars until 1950 when they moved to television in 1950.

The Burns and Allen Show, began on CBS television October 12, 1950 and ran for 291 episodes ending in 1958 with the retirement of Gracie Allen. George Burns tried to continue the show without Gracie, but after a year he decided that the audience didn’t want the show without her.

Burns attempted to continue the show with the same supporting cast but without Gracie. The George Burns Show lasted only one season (1958-59); Burns realized that viewers kept expecting Gracie to enter the scene at any time.

Burns appeared in another sitcom, Wendy and Me, and then developed a nightclub act as a solo, while Gracie enjoyed a comfortable retirement. Graceie Allen died of heart failure in 1964. After her death Burns continued to work comedian and then as an actor in his 80s. Shortly after his 100 birthday he died


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