Philp Jose Farmer

By | Dec 27, 2009

Unless you were a Science Fiction fan in the 1960s and 70s, you may not know the name Philip Jose Farmer. But during this period he was one of the genre’s best. Farmer passed away on February 25th, a month after his 91st birthday.

Phillip Jose Farmer was born in Terre Haute, Indiana on January 25, 1918. He grew up in the town of Peoria.

Farmer’s first success came in 1952 with a novella called “The Lovers,”. The novella about a sexual relationship between a human and an extraterrestrial won the Hugo Award as “most promising new writer”. In all he won three Hugo Awards. With this success he decided to to become a full-time writer.

His Riverworld series, about a world where all of humanity is recreated along a grand river, original story won a $4,000 first prize.

Farmer was called by Issac Asimov, who many credit as being the greatest Science Fiction writer, as an “excellent science fiction writer; in fact, a far more skillful writer than I am….”

Along with his Riverworld series (To Your Scattered Bodies Go, The Fabulous Riverboat, The Dark Design and the Magic Labyrinth) he was the author of the Dayworld series, an overpopulation crisis on Earth has been relieved by having each person spends one day a week awake and the other six days in suspended animation and the World of Tiers series where mad demigods create pocket universes for their own amusement, only to face rebellion from their putative creatures. He also wrote A Barnstormers in Oz about Hank Stover, a pilot and the son of Dorothy Gale who flies to Oz in 1923.


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