As the Days Get Longer ….

By | Dec 22, 2009

As the days get longer and we come to the close of another year and another decade, it is time to reflect upon the past. Over the past 10 years, one thing I can say is that things have changed. The internet was on the verge of growing bigger than most could imagine. Web sites were being developed only by those who had training. Now it’s easy for nearly anyone, myself included (although I am technology literate), can create and keep a Web site going with little effort.

That’s certainly has happened here. With blogging software it’s just a matter of copying or writing text into a block, pressing publish and it’s online. Writers ramble, I imagine that’s how many probably thinks about me, on any and every subject under the sun.

And I guess I really do this just to ramble. I don’t do it to make money. Alright I am hoping to make money. But so far it’s not really a money making venture. Rarely have I made much more than what it costs to put the site online. I usually generate enough income to pay for the hosting (which isn’t much at least than 10 dollars a month). I certainly don’t get paid for my research and writing time. If I was, I would do better.

So as the year comes to and end, I plan to take a bit of a break. For me the last two weeks of the year has always been a time for family and rest.

Looking back on 2009, the world have lost many folks that have defined the later part of the 20th century. It seems to have been more this year than many other recent years. I plan on doing articles on six of them to be spread out over the last 10 days of the year.

I’ve had been too Politically Correct over the last few years and it seems as if the phrase Happy Holidays have become what I have been wishing to all. However, I really think that most are not offended so I want to say what i feel,

‘Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas and Hope that It’s a Good New Year’.


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