When Attending an Office Party

By | Dec 14, 2009

Things to think about before and while attending an Office Party.

Eat, drink and be merry, but don’t go to extremes.
These are your managers, co-workers and owners of the company. What happens at the office party rarely stays at the office party.

Dress accordingly.
It may be alright for a woman to wear a low-cut short red dress for a night out on the town, but it doesn’t look very professional at an office party. Find out if it’s dress casual. Being over dressed is just as bad as being over dressed.

Introduce yourself to everyone.
Treat the Office Party just like any other business networking event. Many times the only time you may be able to meet and talk with the CEO and other VP’s is at the office party. It’s alright to talk with them just don’t be a pest.

Find out who is invited.
Is it a party for just the company employees? Is the spouse invited? The children? The party may only be for employees and bringing the family would be out of place. But it may be for the family with a chance for the kids to meet Santa.

Pay attention to the time.
You may not want to be the first at the party, but you don’t want to arrive just a few minutes before it ends. A good rule to follow is ‘Don’t be the first to arrive, nor the last to leave’.

Give thanks to all.
Saying Thank You to the ones who organized the party will make them feel good. Saying Thanks to the managers will show them that you are appreciated. If you are a manager saying Thanks to those who assisted you over the year helps to create a good team.


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