Jack’s Last Victim

By | Nov 9, 2009

Who was Jack the Ripper? There are many theories and he (if it was a man) will probably never be identified. Nor perhaps will the exact number of his victims will be established. It is generally agreed that there were five victims and the last Mary Jane Kelly is assumed to have been murdered in the early hours of November 9, 1888.

Little is actually known about Mary Kelly other than she was around 25 years old at the time of the murder and according to Detective Constable Walter Dew, who claimed to know Kelly well, she was attractive and always wore a spotlessly clean white apron.

She may have been born in Ireland and spent a good amount of her youth in the Wales city of Cardiff. It’s said that she spoke Welch well.

Those who knew her said that she was a quiet, decent and nice, except when she drank. As a drunk she was loud and obnoxious. She also was three months pregnant.

Was Jack the Ripper actually Jill the Ripper? After Kelly’s murder it was postulated by Ripper Inspector Abberline himself. The pregnancy with a possible abortion my a mid-wife is a theory. Also on the morning after Kelly’s murder Caroline Maxwell claims she saw Mary Kelly not once, but twice. The first was at around 8 o’clock that morning. Then again an hour later talking with a man in front of Britannia public house. She was so certain that it was Mary Kelly because she remembered seeing Kelly wearing the maroon-colored shawl that the woman had around her shoulders.

And why was Mary Kelly the last victim? Was she the last victim in London’s East End as some theorize with Jack the Ripper leaving the area, possibly for America? In the annals of Jack The Ripper, the murder of Mary Jane Kelly, also known as Marie Jeanette Kelly, Mary Ann Kelly, Ginger, and Fair Emma, generates many questions.

Casebook: Jack the Ripper


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