Haunted Hotels

By | Oct 27, 2009

During this Halloween season I’m sure everyone will be creating a list of Hotels that are said to be haunted. Why shouldn’t I be any different? I’m not so I will do my list of 6 hotels that are considered to be haunted.

Crescent Hotel
When the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas was being built in 1886 it is said that a stone mason fell to his death. Room 218 is said to be haunted by his ghost with people saying they have waken to see a screaming man falling from the ceiling. The hotel was also used as a Cancer Hospital in the 1930s, need I say more.

The Hollywood Roosevelt
looking for a haunted place with celebrities. The Hollywood Roosevelt may be just the place to go. The Roosevelt was the location of the first Academy Awards Ceremony and among those who have had extended stays include Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift. Clift stayed at the hotel while filming From Here to Eternity and is said to be still practicing the bugle.

Stanley Hotel
The Stanley Hotel located in Estes Park, Colorado has been called one of the most haunted hotels in America. Even its first owner F.O. Stanley (the Stanley of the Stanley Steamer, a car of the early 20th Century) is said to still reside at the hotel long after death. Or perhaps it has gained its fame from wishful thinking. It was at the Stanley that Stephen King first got his idea for his novel The Shining.

Borden House
Some hotels may have created their stories to bring guests to their places. The Borden House in Fall River, Massachusetts doesn’t have to create a tale. It was in that house on August 4, 1892 that the parents of Lizzie Borden was hacked to pieces. Although the house doesn’t seem to have unexplained activity, the historical aspect can make it a place to go.

The Green Mountain Inn
Another strange story comes from the Stowe, Vermont Green Mountain Inn. It is said that Boots Berry, a son of a Chambermaid, was born in room 302 in 1840. Upon adulthood he became one of the carers of the horses of Stage Coaches and one summer morning stopped a runaway coach saving the passengers. This wasn’t his only act of heroism. On a snowy night he rushed to save a young girl who was trapped on the roof of the Inn (Why the girl was on the roof during a snow storm I do not know). He saved the girl but fell from the roof to his death over room 302.

The Addy Sea
Located at Bethany Beach, Delaware the Addy Sea is a sea front Bed and Breakfast built in 1902, at a time when going to the beach was a long venture by horse and carriage. The original owner, who built the house as as summer place died by falling from the roof. It wasn’t until the time of the Great Depression that the house was first used for guest. There are 13 guest rooms at the B&B, a haunting number in itself.

Do I think that these and other places may be haunted? I have personally witnessed an unexplained happening. It wasn’t at a hotel, but in the mechanical area of a College Dorm. Haunted? Perhaps!


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