Are You An Expert?

By | Oct 25, 2009

An expert is someone that is recognized as being a reliable source of knowledge on a subject. Recognition can come from a number of sources and receiving it may not be as hard as one may think.

Everyone is an expert on something. Even if your supervisor may not agree you are the expert at doing your job. Being an expert though does mean you aren’t afraid of getting criticism on ways to do things better and you are always looking for ways to learn more. You are the expert on you.

The best way to become an expert is to have experience. Something is learned everyday. The more that you learn about a subject more you become an expert. It doesn’t matter how you learn the information, just as long as the information is true and accurate.

There are three kinds of experts. Book Learning expert, a Practical Experience expert or one that has both. Neither of these are better than the other.

It’s not always easy being an expert. For example let’s say you are being called as an expert witness in a court case. During the course of your testimony one set of lawyers will be presenting you as an expert. They will be building on your expertise while the the other set of lawyers will be trying bring it down. They may even try to prove you aren’t an expert.

Do you need to promote yourself as an expert? No you don’t. However if you do want to promote yourself there are a number of ways to do it. Write a blog. Create your own Website and Web presence. (Registering a Domain Name can cost less than a dollar a month and many names are still available) And don’t forget to join a couple of Social Networking sites such as facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


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