Using The Computer At Work

By | Oct 22, 2009

The computer at your desk may seem as if it’s your computer, but unless you are the owner of the company it is the property of the company on loan to you to use as a tool to perform your job.  The company has the rights and obligation to be certain that computer is not used in a way to harm the company.

When using the company’s email address, all messages should be business related.  Prime example of emails that should never be sent, shared and in reality received are joke emails.  People have been and will continued to have their employment terminated  due to inappropiate emails.

You shouldn’t use or check personal emails at the office.  The Boss has the legal right to monitor the use of the computer.  This could include having software on the computer to monitor each and every keystroke,

All work done on company time or with company resources are in reality the property of the company.  The next great American Novel that you wrote on the company time and one their computer can be claimed as theirs.

Don’t think that Instant Messaging (IM) is any less traceable than emails.  In fact some IM’s are easier to record for view by the boss than emails.

Many offices have policies on how electronics, those owned by the company as well as the employee can be used.  This policy is often called an Electronic Use Policy and part of the Employee Manual or Human Resource.  You should always know the policy.


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