A Day of Discovery

By | Oct 12, 2009

It was in the early morning hours of October 12, 1492 that the land was sighted by a sailor in the fleet of three ships Captained by Christopher Columbus. The sailor’sHis name was Rodrigo de Triana. With this Spain has been created with the discovery of the previously unknown land.

The date October 12th refers to the date on the old Julian Calendar.

In the United States Columbus Day, celebrated on the second Monday of October, is an federal Holiday. 2009 is one of the years that the official holiday and October 12th fall on the same day.

The State of Hawaii doe not celebrate the day as Columbus Day. There it is called Discovery Day, commemorating the Polynesian discoverers of Hawaii, on the second Monday of October. It’s not an official State holiday.

There are other places in the United States that doesn’t treat the day as a legal holiday. These include the States of Nevada and South Dakota. Nevada treats the day as a day of observance while South Dakota the day is officially a state holiday known as “Native American Day”.

Spain under Columbus wasn’t the first to discover a new land. Vikings came to North America as early as the 500 years before Columbus and it is thought that the Templar Knights may even have come to America a 100 years earlier.


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