TV Shows That Switched Networks

By | Oct 4, 2009

With their season debut on CBS a few weeks ago, the television show Medium became the second show in two years to leave NBC for another of the Major Networks. Last year it was the long running series Scrubs that moved to ABC for its final season. beginning. These are just two of many TV series which have moved from one network to another.

One of the first was Leave it to Beaver. The misadventures of Beaver Cleaver began on October 4, 1957 lasting until June 20, 1963. It began on CBS and was dropped after the first season. ABC picked it up and ran it from October 2, 1958 until its final episode.

My Three Sons was first broadcasted on the ABC network with its first show being on September 29, 1960. The show about a aeronautical engineer played by Fred MacMurray and his three sons were in B&W for its entire run on ABC until 1965 moving to CBS beginning in September 1965. Part of the reason for the move was ABC didn’t want to commit to the expense of producing the program in color. It would remain on CBS until the end of its run on August 24, 1972.

Baywatch lasted for one season on NBC television during the 1989-90 season. Beginning in 1991 until 2001 it was made as a first run syndication show.

Jag the show about the Judge Advocate General of the US military began its run on NBC on September 23, 1995 on NBC. It lasted for one season and was cancelled by NBC. CBS decided to pick up the show and it lasted there for another 9 seasons with its last show being broadcasted on April 29, 2005.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer first was a motion picture and then became a TV series on the new broadcast network the WB in 1997. It remain on the WB before moving to the newer UPN for the 2001 and 2002 season ending its run on May 20, 2003.


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