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By | Oct 3, 2009

1972 was a very good year for Bob Fosse. In that year alone he directed the Tony Award winning Pippin winning a Tony for his direction. He also was the director of the Emmy Award winning Liza with a Z. He and Liza with a Z star Liza Minnelli along with Joel Grey to do the movie adaptation of the Broadway Musical Cabaret. Cabaret was nominated for 10 Academy Awards and nearly performed a clean sweep, winning 8, including Best Director (Bob Fosse), Best Actress (Liza Minnelli), Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Joel Grey), and winning for Cinematography, Editing, Music, Art Direction (Rolf Zehetbauer, Hans Jürgen Kiebach, Herbert Strabel) and Sound (losing Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay to The Godfather)

Jeremiah Johnson starred Robert Redford in the title role. It also was the screen introduction of a young singer who would become a hug Country Music Star, Tanya Tucker.

Deliverance is the story of four big city businessmen who decide to take a canoe trip in the back woods. Parts of it is not for the the general audience. Not with the scene that I always call the squealing Pig scene. Those who have seen the movie are sure to know which one I mean. It was one of the movies that made Burt Reynolds a Movie Star. And who could not remember the Dueling Banjos.

Ryan O’Neil and Barbra Streisand were the stars of the romanic comedy What’s Up Doc? directed by Peter Bogdanovich was the third higest grossing picture of the year.

The best and one of the first of the ever popular disaster movies was Poseidon Adventure starring what seems like everyone. The movie produced by Irwin Allen was adapted from the book of the same name by Paul Gallo and is the story of a brave bunch of common folks trying to reach the bottom, or the top, of a flipped Ocean liner before it sank.

The Godfather was the movie of the year as well as the movie for the first half of the 1970s. It tells the sometimes graphic and violent story of the Coreleone family. The screenplay was based on the best selling Novel by Mario Puzo, who also did the adaptation and directed by Francis Ford Coppolla. It won the Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Actor (Marlon Brando who refused to accept the award), and Best Adapted Screenplay.


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