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In the old Roman Calendar October was the eight month of the year, not the tenth. Its name derives from this fact with Octo being latin for eight.

While the month is associated with autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, in the southern it is the beginning of Spring. This would make its sister month April.

In a leap year October has no other month beginning on the same day of the week. In other years October begins on the same day as January or the New Year.

October’s birth stone is the opal and its flower is the calendula.

The Russian Revolution of 1917 is often called Red October. The revolution began on October 23. However in most places other than Russia it was already November since Russia was still on the Julian Calendar. In the Gregorian Calendar it would have been November 7th.

The second album by the group U2 has the title of October and it was released on October 12, 1981. October 12th is also Columbus Day in the United States, since it was on October 12, 1492 that Columbus first spotted that land of what turned out to be the New World of America.


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