The Druids

By | Sep 23, 2009

Druids were the priestly and learned class active in Gaul, present day France and Belgium. They were suppressed by the Roman Empire in the 1st Century.

The Druids passed their culture and history along through oral tales. Little of these are known other than through the writings of the Romans. The core points of druidic doctrine reported in Roman sources is their belief in metempsychosis.

The Druids, like many early cultures, believed in human sacrifice. This was for those who were gravely sick or in danger of death in battle. one person into another. They preferred to sacrifice criminals.

According to the writings of the Roman’s the Druids’ principal doctrine was that the soul was immortal and passed at death from one person into another.

Beginning in the 18th Century there has been a revival of interests in the Druids. It was writers of the late 18th and early 19th centuries that connected the monuments of Stonehenge to the ancient Druids.

John Toland (1670-1722) shaped ideas about the druids and founded the Ancient Druid Order.


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