Autumn Time

By | Sep 21, 2009

As we turn the pages of the seasons moving from Summer to Autumn one begins to realize that the year is nearly two thirds over. It wasn’t very long ago that the sun shone for its longest day. Now it’s obvious that the days are getting shorter. Depending on the time you rise in the morning it may still be dark instead of being woken by the light of the new day. In the evening the air will begin to have that first cool nip hinting that soon it’s going to be much cooler.

Many feel that the autumn is the best time of the year. I certainly can understand why. The farmers will begin to do their fall harvest a staple of farm life for, well forever. Migratory birds are beginning to move from their summer to winter homes.

With the autumn comes the Fall Festivals. Many communities will be having harvest, waterfowl or wildlife festivals.

Even though the warm days of summer are coming to a close and the cooler days of autumn are fast approaching the Summer Beaches are still open for business. Autumn is a great time to visit a beach. Cool nights listening to the water waves are very relaxing.

The leaves on the trees are beginning to turn to their fall colors. Colors that range from yellow to red and all of the ones in between.

Those places that have a noticeable change, such as the Mid-Atlantic and the Delmarva Peninsula are getting ready for the winter. A season that will seem to come sooner than expected and always sooner than wanted.

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