Rules to Live By

By | Sep 19, 2009

Here are six simple rules that I strive to live my life by. While slips may happen following them as best that I can makes life around me honorable. If everyone would live by these rules, I really believe that the world would be a better place.

Show Respect to Those Have Come Before You
Your parents and others such as teachers and civic leaders have more life knowledge than you and we should show respect regardless in whether you believe what they may be saying or doing. Parents want their children to succeed and have a better life than themselves. Community leaders are doing what they feel is best for their community.

Do Not Bring Harm to Others
Life is frail as it is and there’s no reason to try to cause harm of life to another. With frew exceptions, preventing others from harming you, is there a reason to bring harm to another. This could be either physical, mental or emotional harm. In short, treat others as you want to be treated.

Keep Your Commitments
Your word that you are going to do something at a certain time is important. When you say you’ll do something and not do it when you say you will makes others think that you speak a lot, but does nothing. Not honoring those commitments is the quickest way to give a bad impression to others.

Be Truthful
Not only should you be truthful to others, but also to yourself. In the long run it’s always better to live up to your mistakes than to try to cover them up by telling lies and falsehoods.

Do Not Desire the Processions of Others
Each of us has a different idea of what makes us a rich person. Some wants to have the greatest of everything, while others just need a few things to make us happy. We can respect others and their procession but desiring those processions – property, money or even the wife of another can only cause trouble in the end.

Do Not Take What You Have Not Earned
People work hard to earn their processions, whether it’s money, property or some other item. Taking what is not yours is not only illegal, but unearned. You wouldn’t want someone to take something of yours so don’t even think about taking what belongs to another.

Do these sound familiar? It should. They are 6 of the Bible’s 10 commandments.


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