Simple Things to Save Water

By | Sep 10, 2009

Do full loads.
Wash full loads when washing clothes and dishes. If you use cold water instead of hot to wash clothes you will save on energy costs. If you do have to do smaller laundry loads adjust the amount of water being used.

Check for leaky faucets and toilets.
Outside faucets may be leaking and you never are aware of it since they are out of sight out of mind. Be sure to turn off the faucets and not only the hose sprayer. Water can leak from the couplings.

Don’t wash your car at home.
Use a commercial car wash that recycles water. If you do wash your call at home do it on the grass and don’t let the water run.

Don’t let the water run.
Turn the water off when shaving and brushing your teeth. When washing hands, turn the water off when lathering turning it on to rinse.

Use less water in an older toilet.
If your toilet is an older model, before 1980, place a toilet dam or bottle filled with water in your toilet tank to cut down on the amount of water used for each flush. Be sure these devices do not interfere with operating parts such as the flapper. Or replace it with a longer capacity one.

Replace the shower head with a water-saving head
This will allow you to turn the water off when shampooing and washing. Turn it back on to rinse.


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