England Loses Days

By | Sep 2, 2009

England in 1752 was about to have a big change and it had nothing to do with a War or a famine or a natural disaster. September 2, 1752 was the last day that England observed the Julian Calendar and adopted the Gregorian Calendar. With this adoption the next day was September 14th.

As one would suspect there was an outcry with people believing that the King had stolen 11 days from them.

Because of this change it is sometimes hard to determine correct dates during this period. When historians use the notation O.S. this refers to the old style Julian date while N.S. are for the Gregorian. An example would be George Washington’s birthday. After 1752 he declared his birthday as February 22 while he was actually born on February 11, 1731.

The change to the Gregorian Calendar was first decreed by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 to correct the calendar errors of the Julian Calendar.

While now it is the International standard countries changed to it at different times. Four Catholic countries adopted it on October 5, 1582. Yes 1582 almost 200 years before England’s adoption in 1752.

China was the last country to adopt the Gregorian Calendar and that wasn’t until 1929.


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