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September is the ninth month of the Gregorian Calendar and is one of the four months that have 30 days. The others are April, June and November.

Septem means seven in latin. September was the seventh month in the old Roman calendar.

There are 91 days between the first on September and the first of December. 91 is a multiple of 7 therefore December begins on the same day of the week as September.

Labor day, a day set aside to social and economic achievements of American workers, is celebrated on the first Monday of September in both the United States and Canada. The holiday has become the symbolic end of the summer.

September 11th or Patriots Day is a day of remembrance of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Some communities, Galena, Maryland is one example, holds an annual remembrance ceremony. September 11th has also been used as a day to honor 911 workers.

The second Sunday of the month is National Grandparents Day. Remember to visit or give them a call, they may not be here when the next one comes.


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