The First One – Many Years Ago

By | Sep 29, 2009

During the fall of 1953, a 27 year old writer came up with an idea for a magazine. He threw all of his time, effort and money into its development. There was hopes that it would be a success. Without a clue on whether there would be money for a second issue, the first one […]

Wedding Anniversary Presents

By | Sep 26, 2009

The first anniversary The traditional gift are of paper, but the modern one is a clock. Paper seems like a natural. Create a memory book. The fifth anniversary The traditional gift is a wood gift, but the modern one is silverware. Is this the one that you put your silverware in an oak box. The […]

Trial at the End of the Summer of ’69

By | Sep 24, 2009

It was on September 24, 1969 in the courtroom of Judge Julius Hoffman that the trial of the Chicago 8 began. On March 20, 1969 Rennie Davis, David Dellinger, John Froines, Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Bobby Seale, and Lee Weiner wer indicted on Federal charges of conspiring to cross state lines “with the […]

The Druids

By | Sep 23, 2009

Druids were the priestly and learned class active in Gaul, present day France and Belgium. They were suppressed by the Roman Empire in the 1st Century. The Druids passed their culture and history along through oral tales. Little of these are known other than through the writings of the Romans. The core points of druidic […]

Autumn Time

By | Sep 21, 2009

As we turn the pages of the seasons moving from Summer to Autumn one begins to realize that the year is nearly two thirds over. It wasn’t very long ago that the sun shone for its longest day. Now it’s obvious that the days are getting shorter. Depending on the time you rise in the […]

Rules to Live By

By | Sep 19, 2009

Here are six simple rules that I strive to live my life by. While slips may happen following them as best that I can makes life around me honorable. If everyone would live by these rules, I really believe that the world would be a better place. Show Respect to Those Have Come Before You […]

Did You Know? – Historical Oddities

By | Sep 17, 2009

September 17, 1862 saw the most men killed, wounded or missing in action (over 20,000) during the American Civil War. In Great Britain as well as the British Colonies 1752 only had 354 days. It was in this year that 11 days were dropped to bring the Calendar into balance. It may have be known […]

Overused Words or Phrases

By | Sep 12, 2009

Each and every day we listen to words and phrases fly by us. I’m sure that you have heard many that as far as you are concerned they should be banned from speech. These are 6 of mine. Basically Some many people when they begin describing something begins by saying, “Basically it’s ….” Please leave […]

Nine Eleven

By | Sep 11, 2009

It’s been 8 years since the dreadful attack of terror on America. President Bush was at the same point in his first term as our current President. 9-11, if not defining the Bush Presidency, surely it was a big factor in it. Most people over the age of 13 will remember what they were doing […]

Simple Things to Save Water

By | Sep 10, 2009

Do full loads. Wash full loads when washing clothes and dishes. If you use cold water instead of hot to wash clothes you will save on energy costs. If you do have to do smaller laundry loads adjust the amount of water being used. Check for leaky faucets and toilets. Outside faucets may be leaking […]

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