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By | Aug 31, 2009

Warning: The following is a political comment. I try only to post items here that fall under the heading of trivia and although some may have political themes, they are generally of the past. The following is 100% current politics as it is happening in the State of Maryland and its Eastern Shore. Please feel free to ignore this posting unless you have an interest in the region or Mental Health issues.

An Unfair and Unwanted Closure

Maryland has budget woes. Governor Martin O’Malley has proposed a number of budget cuts to balance the budget. One of the decisions that was made at this week’s Public Works Board was to close the Upper Shore Community Mental Health Center in Chestertown Maryland.

This 40 bed facility is constantly full and will have around 200 patients filtering through it each year. All of these patients are uninjured, but are in need for services near their homes.

The nearest public facility is on the Eastern Shore is 50 miles away in Cambridge or on the Western Shore.

With the closure of this facility Kent County will take a big hit in lost jobs. Of the 205 state jobs to be terminated 92 of these come as a result of the closure of this facility. An additional 26 contract jobs will also cease to exist.

The employees of the center, the community and the elected officials never had a chance to make their feelings known.

While there were rumors that something may be coming, no one knew that it was part of the plan until the afternoon before the Public Works meeting. Less than 24 hours. Even in this age of instant communications a time period that is considered short.

Employees have been told that their jobs are gone with no severance package, no early retirement, no extended health insurance they not be able to bump other state employees out of jobs.

The employees as well as the community have not layed down without a fight. We are doing what we can to have the decision reversed. THE GOVERNOR, STATE TREASURER & COMPTROLLER (The PUBLIC WORKS BOARD) http://www.bpw.state.md.us/ need to be flooded with emails & phone calls from the community we serve telling them to stop the closure of UPPER SHORE MENTAL HEALTH CENTER.

Portions of this originally published at Delmarva Town Crier – DelmarvaTownCrier.com


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