The Phases of Elvis

By | Aug 16, 2009

When looking back on the career of Elvis Presley, it’s not hard to break it down into six stages.

The Beginning. (1954-1955)
Elvis was first discovered by Sam Phillips of Sun Records and for the first months of his career he performed throughout the south.

The Hits. (1956-1958)
Once Elvis fell under the management of Colonel Parker his career skyrocketed with hit after hit on his new record company RCA records.

The Army. (1958-1959)
Many thought that after Elvis was drafted by the United States Army his career was over. It turned out to be just a short break. One where he would discover his future bride.

The Movie Years. (1960-1968)
While many of the movies seemed to be remakes of themselves, he enjoyed big screen stardom and with all of the films made, he will be around forever, even if it will be on late night television.

The Comeback. (1968-1970)
Once he decided that the movie career was enough and what he really wanted as well as what he was best at was being a singing star, he reestablished his recording and concert career. Some of the best songs were done during this comeback stage.

The Concert Years. (1971-1977)
Elvis was a performer and when he was on stage in the middle of a song you have to believe that was when he was the happiest. He wanted to please and for many of those years that’s exactly what he did.

These could be classified as six stages in his career when he was alive. In many ways he is more popular now more than 30 years after his death. Opinions are those of the author and any error are mine.


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