A Political Comment

By | Aug 31, 2009

Warning: The following is a political comment. I try only to post items here that fall under the heading of trivia and although some may have political themes, they are generally of the past. The following is 100% current politics as it is happening in the State of Maryland and its Eastern Shore. Please feel […]

Cecil County, Maryland

By | Aug 27, 2009

Cecil County was first explored by John Smith when in 1608 his expedition of the Chesapeake Bay sailed to the head of the Bay. The expedition explored areas of the Elk, Sassafras and Susquehanna Rivers. Cecil County sits at the head of the Chesapeake Bay and is the only county that has a western as […]

The Man of a Thousand Faces

By | Aug 26, 2009

Lon Chaney was called ‘The Man of a Thousand Faces, because of his diverse roles and his use of makeup and the art of pantomime in silent films. He is most known for his horror silent films The Hunchback of Norte Dame and The Phantom of the Opera. The silent film actor, was born on […]

A National Park in Delaware

By | Aug 25, 2009

On this 93rd anniversary of President Woodrow Wilson signing the National Park Service Organic Act that created the National Park Service it may be time to wonder why there is not a National Park in the State of Delaware. Delaware is the only State that does not have a National Park Unit within it. A […]

The Man with the Frizzy Hair

By | Aug 21, 2009

The name Friz Freleng may not mean much to many people but the characters that he worked with throughout the 40s and 50s are known by all. Who doesn’t know Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Tweety Bird, Sylvester the cat, Yosemite Sam? Friz Freleng was involved with their creation or growth. Isadore Freleng was born August […]

First US Female Astronauts – 1978

By | Aug 19, 2009

Margaret Seddon Born November 8, 1947. In 1978 she was selected as one of the first six female astronauts. Prior to her she had earned her Doctor of Medicine from the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in 1973. She flew on three shuttle missions, April 1985, June 1991 and November 1993. Kathryn Sullivan Born […]

Silent Film Directors

By | Aug 18, 2009

Erich Von Stroheim Stronheim was an Austrian who had a long career in Silent Films in Hollywood beginning in 1915. His most famous work as a director is Greed, a detailed filming of the novel McTeague by Frank Norris. Stroheim originally edited a nine-hour version of the story, shot mostly at the locations as described […]

The Phases of Elvis

By | Aug 16, 2009

When looking back on the career of Elvis Presley, it’s not hard to break it down into six stages. The Beginning. (1954-1955) Elvis was first discovered by Sam Phillips of Sun Records and for the first months of his career he performed throughout the south. The Hits. (1956-1958) Once Elvis fell under the management of […]

Death by Hanging

By | Aug 14, 2009

Hangings as a form of capital punishment by suspension of a person by a cord wrapped around the neck causing death, first occurred in the Persian Empire about 2500 years ago. There are 4 methods of judicial hanging. 1) The short drop, placing the condemned on the back of a cart, horse or other vehicle […]

A Bewitching Aunt

By | Aug 12, 2009

For those of us who grew up in the 1960s one of our favorite television comedies was the ABC series Bewitched starring the beautiful Elizabeth Montgomery. One of the recurring characters of the show was Sam’s Aunt Clara as played by Marion Lorne. Marion Lorne was born on August 12, 1885 in West Pittston, Pennsylvania, […]

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