Ice Cream and the Waffle

By | Jul 23, 2009

By some accounts the very first ice cream cone was sold at the St. Louis World’s Fair on July 23, 1904. There may have been as many as 50 ice cream vendors and more than a dozen waffle stands at the fair. One of many accounts has it that waffle vendor Ernest Hamwi made a cone for his ice cream selling neighbor who had run out of dishes for his ice cream.

Charles E. Menches is also created with the conception of filling a pastry cone. One story has it that he was the ice cream vendor next to Ernest Hamwi.

Several others including Abe Doumar, Albert and Nick Kabbaz, Arnold Fornachou, and David Avayou have also been called the inventor of the ice cream cone. One thing that is known is that all of these individuals made or sold confections at the World’s Fair.

One thing for certain is that a 1903 patent was granted to New York City ice cream vendor Italo Marchiony for a device to make edible cups with handles. It was not said from what the edible cups would be made other than a light pastry. Sure sound like an ice cream cone to me.

Prior to the St Louis World’s Fair it was common for ice cream to be sold in paper and metal cones. Ernest Hamwi’s ice cream selling neighbor may have been using one of these types of containers which gave him an idea to fold a waffle in that shape.

Regardless on who first sold ice cream in an edible waffle cone, the idea became immensely popular during and since the 1904 World’s Fair. So maybe we all ought to go out to our favorite ice cream shop and have one to celebrate the person who first put the two together, whoever that may have been.


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