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By | Jul 21, 2009

The biggest craze today seem to be online social networks. A few years ago it was MySpace, then Face Book and now we are all in a Twitter. Social Networks are not new and in the future they will still be here, only in ways that some high school teen developer is only now imagining.

50-60 years ago a common social network for teens and younger were movie houses. Kids would go to the neighborhood movie with a few coins and watch not one 90-120 minute movie, but spend the entire day with their friends.

Not too many years ago, in the 1980s, Social Networks were the neighborhood video game arcade. Here the newest games, usually from Japan, would be played, dropping quarter after quarter into it, until the new house champion was crowned or until a player reached that last screen.

Then there is the Social Network place for those over the age of 21. In the 1970s it was the Disco. Everyone went to listen to the new dance groves and the really adventurous would try to do the dances. All while drinking some type of adult beverage or more. Today these same folks are going to the local Pub or those who sleep at night to the local Coffee House.

One of those new Social Networks that is growing fast is Face Book. Many of the new users are over 50 and female. It has become a great way for old High School and College friends to come together. Once this was only done every 5 to 10 years with a High School Reunion. Now it’s done everyday in the comforts of your own home via the Internet. Although I am a male I am over 50 and one of those Face Book users that is reconnecting with people I have not seen or heard from in more than 30 years. And it’s a good thing.



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