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By | Jul 11, 2009

Edited: On July 28, 2009 Josh Willingham of the Washington Nationals was added to the list when he hit a Grand Slam in both the 5th and 6th inning of their July 27, 2009 game against the Milwaukee Brewers. The game was played in Milwaukee with the nationals winning by the score 14-6.

There has only been twelve (13) times in Major League history in which the same game. Ten (10) times by American League hitters and three (3) by national league.

May 24, 1936; Tony Lazzeri; New York Yankees, AL
July 4, 1939 ; Jim Tabor; Boston Red Sox, AL
July 27, 1946 ; Rudy York; Boston Red Sox, AL
May 9, 1961; Jim Gentile; Baltimore Orioles, AL
July 3, 1966; Tony Cloninger; Atlanta Braves, NL
June 24, 1968; Jim Northrup; Detroit Tigers, AL
June 26, 1970; Frank Robinson; Baltimore Orioles, AL
September 4, 1995; Robin Ventura; Chicago White Sox, AL
August 14, 1998; Chris Hoiles; Baltimore Orioles, AL
April 23, 1999; Fernando Tatis; St. Louis Cardinals, NL
May 10, 1999; Nomar Garciaparra; Boston Red Sox, AL
July 29, 2003; Bill Mueller; Boston Red Sox, AL
July 27, 2009; Josh Willingham; Washington Nationals, NL

The only player to have hit their Grand Slams in the same inning is Fernando Tatis. He also hold the record for most RBIs in the same inning with 8. Both of his Grand Slams were off the same pitcher Chan Ho Park.

Not only did Robin Ventura have two Grand Slams in the same inning, he is the only player to have hit Grand Slams in both games of a double header. Although it was not the same day as his two Grand Slam game.

Josh Willingham, Tony Lazzeri, Jim Tabor, Jim Gentile, Jim Northrup, Frank Robinson and Robin Ventura hit their Grand Slams in consecutive innings.

Bob Mueller hit one of his Grand Slams as a right handed hitter and the other from the left. The only one to have done this feat from both sides of the plate.

Tony Cloninger, the first National League player to hit 2 grand slams in the same game, would be considered an unlikely candidate to be one in these players since he was the Starting pitcher for his club. He nearly had a chance for three since when late in the game the hitter in front of him made the third out with two men on base. Much to the chagrin of the fans.

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