Records in Baseball Unlikely to be Broken

By | Jul 6, 2009

Cy Young’s career record of 511 wins
Young played in a day when a pitcher started nearly every game. Even the post 1920 record of 417 wins is far below Young’s and even though there has been a number of 300 career winners in the past couple of years, all of these were by men already in their 40s.

Ty Cobb’s career average of .367
It takes a great hitter to reach a career average of .300 and most great hitters do tend to fall below .300 at the end of their career. It’s unlikely to ever happen. Just as a player having a .400 season is unlikely to happen.

Nolan Ryan’s career strikeout of 5714
Can it be reached? Yes, but not likely. Roger Clemens was considered a great strike out pitcher and he was still over 1000 behind.

Joe DiMaggio 56 game hitting streak
No one has come close. Pete Rose only hit in 44 straight games in 1978 and he is the closest.

Cal Ripken’s consecutive games played streak of 2632
When he moved into second place behind Lou Gehrig he was 700 games away and people still felt that Gehrig’s streak would not be broken. Ripken not only broke Gehrig’s record of 2130 straight games played, but he played for another 501 games.

Johnny Vander Meer’s record of 2 consecutive No-Hitters
A No-Hitter at best takes a lot of luck and pitching one in consecutive games has only happened once in the history of the game. Most pitchers never pitch a no-hitter let alone 2. Although when you think about it, this is a record that could be broken since it would only take 2 great games in a row and not a career or season to reach.


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