It’s More than Dad’s Day

By | Jun 17, 2009

We are less than a week away from Father’s Day. Have you planned on what you may want to do with your Dad?

Time passes too quickly and changes occur too fast. Enjoy the time you have with your Dad and life in general. It will all change in too quick of a time and you will wish that you had.

I lost my Dad to cancer three years ago and while the pain of losing him has faded I can say that I miss him everyday. When I was growing up my Dad was a Dairy Farmer, and for those who doesn’t know what’s involved in this profession, let’s just there was never a day off. The cows needed to be milked twice a day, first time in the morning as the sun rose and again 12 hours later.

After I became an adult, I moved away from the home town. While he did retire and spend plenty of time enjoying his days on the Delmarva Peninsula, he lived there his entire other than the two years he served n the Army, most Father’s Day it was a call and short conversation.

We did have a few Father’s Day on the Peninsula between the time I moved back home and the time he grew sick. When I look back on the days we missed, I can only think that I wished I had did things differently and spend more time with my Dad when both of us were younger.

Happy Father’s Dad to all of the Dad’s out there. To those who are sons and daughters spend some time with your Dad while you can. All will enjoy it.

Happy Father’s Day


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