A Political Town

By | Jun 12, 2009

Federalsburg, Maryland is located in southern Caroline county on the Delmarva Peninsula at the headwaters of the Marshyhope Creek. The creek flows into the Nanicoke River and was known in colonial times as a northwest fork of the Nanticoke River.

In 1789 a store was established there around a bridge that was used for traffic crossing the land. As would occurred many times during the 18th and 19th centuries a small village developed around the store.

As the town grew it became a commerce point. First known as Northwest Fork Bridge, or simply as the The Bridge in 1813 it would take its current name.

There was a strong Federalist presence on the Peninsula and in 1812 from far and wide Federalist came to the town for a meeting. The town’s leadership was so impressed with the enthusiasm of what was a dying party they renamed the town Federalsburg.

The town grew as a port town first using the creek/river to move commerce from the area to other points and by the mid-19th century as a railroad town. In 1868 the Pennsylvania Railroad opened a station becoming a point of commerce to northern markets in cities such as Philadelphia and New York. Federalsburg is the current home of the corporate offices of the Maryland and Delaware Railroad.

The town was incorporated in 1823 and is one of the earliest incorporated towns in Caroline County. Only the county seat, Denton incorporated in 1802, is older. With a population of around 2700 people within the city limits making it another of the friendly comfortable towns of Delmarva.


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