Flat Screen TVs and Our Kids

By | May 17, 2009

Reports are showing that as more families are replacing their old tube TVs with flat screens, and with it more children are being injured by having them fall on them.

Flat screen TVs are lighter than tube TVs of the same size. Most of their weight falls in a couple of inch wide area with the bases simply there to allow them to stand straight. Because of this they are very easy to tip.

What should one do? The best solution would be to mount the flat screen to the wall. Be sure to have it installed correctly. Have brackets secured to the wall into a structure member (stud) with the appropriate size fastener. Do not use Molly Bolts into drywall. It is best to have it mounted by a professional.

If one need to place the set on a piece of furniture, be sure that the set as well as the furniture is tip proof. Tip Proof brackets can be gotten at a hardware story. The strap or bracket should be place as close to the top as possible. These Tip Proof brackets should be placed on any taller furniture such as book cases and china closets.

While kids have a natural nature to explore and climb sometimes the reason for their climbing up on furniture is that they are reaching for something that is theirs. Don’t place favorite books or toys on the top of furniture or the TV.

In 2007 alone 17,000 children were rushed to an emergency room as a result of furniture falling on them. Nearly three-quarters of these are under the age of 6 with close to half of them from falling TVs.


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