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By | Apr 18, 2009

1969 may have had the concert event of the 1960s with Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace & Music. A documentary of the event was release in 1970. Noy only was it the winner of the Academy Award for Best Documentary, the film directed by Michael Wadleigh was the 6th favorite movie of the first year of the decade of the 70s. For the 40th anniversary of the concert, there will be a new DVD release of the Director’s Cut with more added footage.

The twentieth animated feature in the Disney animation, The Aristocats, was also the fifth favorite film of 1970.

Two war movies make the top 4 with the World War II biography of Patton at Number 4. George C. Scott role of Patton won the Academy Award for Best Actor, an award that he refused to accept.

M*A*S*H by Robert Altman took place in the Korean War, but the film released during the height of the Vietnam War is obviously a protest film against war.

Airport was a best selling novel by Arthur Hailey about an Airport, the Manager trying to keep it open during a snow storm and a suicidal bomber. The movie was second best of the year earning and was one of the first of the big disaster movies that would hit the screens during the early 1970s. It also was the first in a series of Airport movies that followed. It’s the best of the bunch and may be considered a classic if the others had not followed. It was the last film scored by Alfred Newman.

Erich Segal’s 1970 best-selling novel Love Story was adapted by him for the screen. The tender love story between the wealthy Oliver Barrett IV, played by Ryan O’Neil and the working class girl Jennifer Cavelleri, played by Ali McGraw is considered one of the most romantic movies of all times.

See Why The 1970s post for explanation.


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