The Lost Continent of Atlantis

By | Apr 1, 2009

The Island of Atlantis is first mentioned and described by the Greek philosopher Plato in the dialogues Timaeus and Critias. In the account, Plato has it lying beyond the Pillars of Hercules in a time about 9000 years before his telling in about 360 BC. While the dialogues tell the tales as true many scholars see it as a Myth created by Plato.

There are not any other ancient accounts of Atlantis older than Plato. Therefore all other accounts rely upon Plato.

About 1500 BC, an explosion destroyed Thera, a volcanic island. This caused more than half of the island to sink into the sea. This is the same type of destruction that Plato said destroyed Atlantis leading many scholars to believe that Plato based a story of Atlantis on this event.

One of the most likely locations of Atlantis is around the Azore Islands, a group of island belonging to Portugal and located about 900 miles east of the country’s coast. Many people believe that the islands are the mountain tops of Atlantis

In a reading in 1923, psychic Edgar Cayce first mentions Atlantis. In later readings he gave information that gave its geographical location as the Caribbean and it had a highly evolved civilization. He predicted that in 1968 or 1969 parts of Atlantis would rise. In 1968 a submarine geological formation just off North Bimini Island was discovered. This Bimini Road is still be explored as to whether it’s a natural formation or man-made.

Atlantis, whether it was a true place or fantasy out of Plato’s mind, is as alive today as it ever has been. Movies, Books and TV shows have been made about Atlantis, either in retelling the story, searching for the location or pure fantasy and fiction. So as Donovan said in his song from the ‘60’s, “Way down below the ocean where I wanna be she may be.”


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