Did You Know? 2009 Calendar Oddities

By | Mar 28, 2009

If you have been reading 6 Things to Consider over the past few months you already know that there are 3 Friday the 13th in 2009. February, March and November.

If looking at Sunday being the first day of the week February’s calendar page which began on a Sunday and ended on a Saturday only had 4 weeks. Most months will have days in at least 5 weeks and some even 6.

There are two full moons in December 2009. December 2nd and 31st.

With the official Memorial Day being on the last Monday in May (in 2009 this is May 25th) the last full weekend in May comes after Memorial Day.

The period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is the longest that it can be as currently prescribed by US Law. Memorial Day is May 25th with Labor Day being September 7th (15 weeks).

December 25th (Christmas) and January 1, 2010 (New Year’s Day) both fall on a Friday giving nearly everyone two long weekends in a row without taking a day off. If one takes the four workdays off between Christmas and New Year (December 28-31) it equals 10 days off.


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