Erica Jong

By | Mar 26, 2009

Erica Jong, the novelist, poet and essayist was born on March 26, 1942, in New York City. Her parents were Seymour Mann and Eda Mirsky. She was their middle daughter. Her older sister Suzanne is married Lebanese businessman Arthur Daou, and a younger sister, Claudia had a career as a social worker.

Jong for many is best known for creating the character Isodora Wing, who first appeared in the novel Fear of Flying and later in How to Save Your Own Life, Parachutes and Kisses, and Any Woman’s Blues.

It was in her first novel em>Fear of Flying that she coined the term “Zipless Fuck”.

Jong was the last name of her second husband Allan Jong. Before Jong she was married to Michael Werthman, her college love. After Jong she married Jonathan Fast, son of novelist Howard Fast and is currently married to divorce lawyer, Ken Burrows.

The books featuring Isadora Wing has some autobiographical points with Isadora Wing being herself.

She has also produced a series of historical novels based in the 18th century that read as if they were written during the period.


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