Boston’s Leader

By | Mar 10, 2009

Guitarist Tom Scholtz was born on March 10, 1947. As leader of the Rock group Boston, one may think that he was born near Boston. He wasn’t. Donald Thomas Scholz was born in Toledo, Ohio and raised in the suburb of Ottawa Hills.

Scholtz received not only a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, but also a Master’s. He received his Bachelor’s in 1969 and the Master’s a year later.

After leaving MIT he worked for Polaroid as a senior product design engineer. But he also was working on music in a studio that he built in his basement.

The first album titled simply Boston was mostly recorded in his basement. All of the songs were written or co-wrote by Scholtz, and even though Bradley Delp was the singer, nearly every note of music was played by him.

This debut album released on August 25, 1976 became the biggest selling debut album at the time. It is considered one of the Classic Rock albums of all time and has been certified as 17x platinum.

Scholtz is considered a perfectionist and because of this it was two years before the release of the group’s second album. While today that is common, it the mid 70s it wasn’t unusual for groups to record and release multiple albums a year. He is considered as a legend in the music industry as much for his inventions in audio processing as for his music. Music that is still considered by many as great.


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