Reasons to Have Daylight Saving Time

By | Mar 7, 2009

1) It saves energy.
A study performed in the 1970s found that there was a 1% savings of energy each day.

2) The daylight lasts into the evenings later when people can enjoy it and help create an environmentally friendly society. It helps in tourist areas where since it’s later in the day when it gets dark even those working in the area can enjoy the sights after work.

3) An hour of sleep is gained when it reverts back to Standard Time in the Fall.

4) Community AM radio stations which have a daylight broadcasting time can transmit later in the evening.

5) Crime is less during the daylight hours and many criminals do not have early rising habits, so having daylight later in the day can reduce crime rates.

6) It decreases traffic accidents especially as related to children and Halloween, a day that had shown a 4 times greater pedestrian death rate than on other nights.


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