Reasons Not to Have Daylight Saving Time

By | Mar 6, 2009

1) There isn’t any savings in energy use.
A report by the California Energy Commission says that there is very little changes in electrical consumption in DST. While a study in the 1970s show a decrease of usage, the patterns of use today compared to then are much different.

2) Many people would rather have more daylight in the morning than in the evening.

3) An hour of the day is lost in the Spring and even though it comes back in the Fall, some people still feel as if it’s stolen from them.

4) Since not all locations, even within the United States don’t observe Daylight Saving Time, it doesn’t make sense to have it. It’s bad enough trying to remember how many hours a place is ahead or behind us, let alone whether it’s on DST or not.

5) It takes time to adjust to the change in time.

6) It has ruin the feel of Halloween.
With the end of Daylight Saving Time moved to the 1st Sunday in November, the early hours of Halloween begins in daylight and even at the end of Treat-or-Treat time, it’s just getting dark. Half of the fun was being out in the spooky dark.


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