Kate Winslet and Oscar

By | Feb 24, 2009

Kate Winslet was awarded the Academy Award (Oscar) for Best Actress at this years ceremony. She was nominated for her role in The Reader. Even though no one will say it for certain, one would have to think it was really for her body of work in 2008. A year that she had 2 critically acclaimed roles. The Reader and Revolutionary Road.

With her nomination for The Reader she has had six Oscar nominations. At the age of 33 she is the youngest to reach that number. Her first nomination was for Best Supporting Actress in Sense and Sensibility when she was 17.

The next came with her role of Rose in Titanic where she was nominated for Best Actress. That same year Gloria Stuart was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for playing the older version of the same character in the same movie.

In 2001 she was nominated again for Best Supporting Actress for Iris. In this film she played the young Iris Murdoch, while Judi Dench played an older Iris Murdoch. Dench was nominated for Best Actress.

She was nominated for her fourth Oscar for her 2004 role of Clementine Kruczynski in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Once again it was for Best Actress.

Her fifth nomination came in 2006 for Best Actress in Little Children. Her first five nominations (none for which she won) came in films that were produced before she reached her 30th birthday which came in October 5, 2005.


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