Six Flags of Texas

By | Feb 23, 2009

Over its history Texas has been part of 6 different nations and therefore flew 6 National flags. The first was Spain’s. Spain took claim of the area in 1519 when Cortez established Spain’s presence in Mexico.

Although it was claimed by Spain, there wasn’t any Spanish in Texas when in 1685 France laid claim to Texas’s Eastern Gulf area. This only lasted for 5 years before all French settlements in Texas faded from existence.

Spain once again was the sole claimant of Texas until 1821 when Mexico became their own nation.

In 1836 when American settlers into Texas rebelled against the Mexican government and won their independence becoming their own Republic.

Nearly 10 years later much to the displeasure of the Mexican government, the Republic of Texas became one of the Unites States of America in 1845.

In 1861 Texas left the Union of the Unites States and joined the Confederate States of America. They flew the flag of the Confederacy until the end of the Civil War and they once again became one of the United States of America.


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